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Stethoscoop Referrals




In The Netherlands you are not permitted to go directly to the hospital. You should consult the general practitioner first!

Referrals are made after consulting the general practitioner. In case of a referral, you can choose a hospital, and specialist. Referrals to the UMCG will be sent by fax to the concerning department. You will receive a written confirmation of the appointment at home, within 7 to 10 days. If you have not received a confirmation after 10 days, you can call our assistant. The assistant will then call the department to inquire about the delay.. You may also call the UMCG yourself. The central number of the UMCG is 050-3616161. You can request the department you have been referred to.

If you are referred to the Martini Hospital (MZH), you can make an appointment yourself. The central telephone numberof the MZH is 050-5245245.

X-ray and ultrasound examination

For appointments for X-ray and ultrasound examinations, you can call the UMCG by dialing 050-3616161 or the MZH by dialing 050-5245345. Ultrasound examinations also occur at the X-ray department.