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J.W.A. van Willigen, general practitioner

I would like to introduce myself. I was born in Haren (Groningen). and attended high school and university in Groningen. After completing medicalschool in 1994, I worked at the Intensive Care Unit in the University Medical Center Groningen (UMCG). Thereafter I worked at the department of Pulmonary Diseases. Given my interest in surgery, I worked at the surgical department for a considerable amount of time. Most of the work I did was at the Traumatology department, but I also worked at the departments of Vascular Surgery and Oncology.

In England, I worked as a doctor on the department of Orthopaedics in a hospital inBangor (Wales), where I gained experience in operating. Besides clinical work, I worked at the short-term psychiatry clinic at the Hereweg in Groningen, to also gain experience in Psychiatry. Afterwards, I entered the general practitioners training. In 1999, I received my GP license. From 2000 to 2004, I had a small practice and worked together with two large refugee centers in Heerenveen and Wolvega. Due to a governmentalchange in the policy, these centres were closed. Although my small practice grew quickly, I preferred a practice in Groningen.

In January 2004, became the successor of collegue Dr. G.P. Schut's practice. His practice located at the Hereweg but I moved into the present building at the Radesingel. Besides working as general practitioner, I work at the Faculty of Medical Sciences. As a coach, I supervise a number of first year medical students and teach interns at the clinical training lab.

I do my work as GP with great pleasure. In addition the to the contact with various groups of patients, medical science is very interesting to me. My work includes a great deal of resposibilty, since my assessments and decisions can have far-reaching consequences for my patients. In my work, I am primarily driven by my need to meet people, and to help them with their problems.

Besides my work, music is my hobby. I am involved in organizing organ concerts in the Martini Church in Groningen. I also produce CD recordings of accomplished musicians. I play the piano, and organ as well. I also regularly take pictures and enjoy being in nature. I am in the nature often by boat but also on my racing bike. I am in the Alps regularly. In the winter I love to ski, and in the summer I climb mountains there.