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Tjitte Verbeek van Buuren, medical doctor

My name is Tjitte Verbeek van Buuren, and in our general practice I work both as a medical doctor as well as practice manager. As you may have noticed, I am of Frisian descent. (Friesland is a province of The Netherlands). I was born in the small village named Warns, and raised in Wommels. After finishing high school in Sneek, I moved to Groningen for medical school.

During my study, I was very interested in participation in the medical faculty. I did this both on small (year representation) and large scale (Councilor of Medicine in the Education and Research Council) with pleasure. I also enjoy teaching. Besides getting lectures, I gave education to junior students.

I received my PhD in medical research into the effects of a maternal postnatal depression on adolescent offspring.

In the future, I hope to combine the medical clinic with education, research and management.